Bill O’Reilly: ‘secularism erodes traditional power’

Oh Bill…

Remember my previous post, Secular Values = American Values?, well here is Bill O’Reilly’s take on the issue. However, O’Reilly, being a political man, uses the terms “traditional America” and “secular progressives.”

Watch this video and you will do one of the following: laugh, nod enthusiastically, howl in outrage, or simply turn it off cause you can’t watch anymore.

If you just want to hear a 2012 election analysis than by all means listen to the first 2 minutes. But don’t stop there! Please listen further! It really gets good around 2.20 minutes.

Now, I’m no expert, but I feel as though Obama’s C on the Secular Coalition of America’s scorecard does not make him the Secular Progressives’ “poster child,” All it really does is make him better than Romney. ┬áThere’s my small issue with that comment.

Anyways, some great stuff in this video!