There’s a new girl on campus


She’s a Jack/Jane of all minorities. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat from Arizona, is a bisexual, secularist and a former Mormon. She supports gay marriage, abortion rights, marijuana and science education. In other words, she is a poster-child for the secularist movement.

The Secular Coalition of America has taken her under their wing and claimed her as a fitting successor for Rep. Peter Stark, a Democrat from Calif, and the only open atheist in congress. He lost in this years election, but his secularist presence was soon filled by Sinema.

Lauren Anderson Youngblood, the Coalitions communications manager, told Religion News Service how proud they were to receive Sinema into Congress:

She was able to run openly as a nontheist and it didn’t seem to be an issue. That is a great thing for the community, especially because with the loss of Pete Stark, we are left with a big hole.

Time will tell what work Sinema will be able to do in Congress, and how much she will live up to the secularists expectations. But the religious groups in Congress will be sure to watch her, as she will no doubt oppose many of their proposals.