Proactive nones

This past Tuesday I listened in on a conference call hosted by the Secular Coalition of America. Other secular groups were present, such as the Freethinkers and America United.

Among other things, what impressed me the most was the proactive spirit. They discussed the Nov. 6 election, the changes to congress, the defeat of Amendment 8 in Florida, as well as the disproportionate nature of the House in regards to the religious demographics of the United States. All in all it was a well set up meeting, with a variety of input from it’s constituents.

They were civil, eager to move forward with their wins over the election, but also looking for ways to improve based on their losses. One may hear the same type of talk come out of a Christian meeting about politics, simply with a different end goal.

But the nones are motivated, they are making headway throughout many realms of congress and the popular vote. I think it can properly be said that they are a force to be reckoned with and it is no hidden fact that Christians and nones share vastly different values. Therefore, they will clash on many occasions, but if Christians are going to come out on top they need to be even more motivated than the confidant nones.


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