Are you telling me God doesn’t want people to go to church?

According to Brian McLaren, the increase in nones might be the work of the Holy Spirit. I was actually very surprised when I watched this, and it has admittedly left me a little speechless.

In essence, McLaren is trying to slap God back onto the nones. So instead of simply admitting that there is a disconnect between the church and the nones, he chalks it up to God’s will. The church is doing something wrong, he says, and the nones are actually doing the right thing by leaving.

Certainly the church is not perfect, and Christians would say nothing happens outside of God’s control, but I wonder how many would agree with McLaren’s interpretation of the rising nones.



One thought on “Are you telling me God doesn’t want people to go to church?

  1. People aren’t stopping going to church because they have issues with institutions. They don’t want to be told what to do and that they need to change their lives. Part of this is on the church because we invite people to receive the benefits of what church can offer them instead of telling them their lives need to be changed because a Holy God is angry with them and judgment is coming.

    Sure there are real issues with Christians bickering too much interdenominationally and not being as loving as they should towards those inside and outside of the church. But Christianity comes down to if Jesus is the Son of God or not. Christ is the cornerstone over which unbelievers trip, not the actions of humans (even though they often want to use that as an excuse). Is the Spirit at work telling people they should avoid church because it is full of flawed human beings? Really?

    Where is the Biblical defense of his “musings”? I don’t hear a Biblically defensible position.

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