No more Amendment 8 in Florida

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Amendment 8 was repealed tonight in Florida. This amendment would have given churches and other religious organizations the ability to have public funding. It failed to pass with a vote of only 44 percent.

The Tampa Bay Times describe the decision in detail:

Voters rejected the amendment, titled “Religious Freedom,” one of the most controversial on the ballot, by 56 percent. The proposal would have repealed the 127-year-old Blaine Amendment, which says state funds may not go to the support of religious institutions.

The secular party as well as many nones will be rejoicing throughout America tonight. Not only did they retain their coveted “separation of church and state,” they also landed the highest placeholder on their scorecard as president – even though he (Obama) only got a C. Hey, a win is a win. But what will this mean for the future of America?


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