Atheist, Christians aren’t complete idiots

Richard Dawkins
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Richard Dawkins, pronounced atheist and British author, would be one of the first to criticize the “stupidity” of religion. But surprisingly, Dawkins’ new found respect for President Obama has lowered his criticism of Christianity.

Apparently, due to Christianity’s ancient tradition, its faults are more understandable given the ignorance of the time, according to Dawkins. But, he would say that  Mormonism, created in the 19th century, is so unfounded that it is especially dim.

“It may be ignorance not stupidity for the creationists, and ignorance is no crime. But to be fooled by Joseph Smith takes real stupidity,” he announced on twitter.

Obviously, Dawkins is not a fan of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He accuses Mormons of being “barking mad,” “loony,” and “racists.” While Christianity isn’t really that bad, just ignorant, he said.

But, Dawkins did not always draw a distinctions between religions. After all, 90 minutes prier to his tweet about the stupidity of Mormonism he tweeted that “40% in US are stupid enough to believe the world is only 6000 years old. They’ll vote for a man stupid enough to be fooled by Joseph Smith.”

An article in The National Review reported that Dawkins also said during a 2007 conversation with other atheists that while religions were not all “equally bad,” they were uniformly irrational:

My concern, is actually not so much with the evils of religion as whether it’s true. And I really do care passionately about that. The fact of the matter: is there, as a matter of fact, a supernatural creator in this universe? And I really care about that. And so although I also care about the evils of religion, I am prepared to be even-handed because they all make this claim.

But now all of a sudden all religions are not equally irrational because a man Dawkins greatly respects claims to be part of one of these irrational religions. Obama claims to be a Christian and Dawkins is now urging all atheists to vote for him.

The National Review article said this about Dawkins’ new faith in Obama:

In October, [Dawkins] weakly explained to James Taranto that, ”loopy as Christianity may seem to you, it’s stone cold sane compared with Mormonism.” Besides, he continued to his half million followers, Obama can’t possibly be a Christian. Obama, who is “intelligent, educated, humane, [and] witty” is “probably not religious,” and, if he is, he’s ’only vaguely ‘spiritual.’” Whereas, “Bishop Romney really IS Mormon in the full batshit doolally sense.” That’s convenient, then.

Dawkins will be voting democrat on Nov. 6 and he urges other atheists and unaffiliated Americans to do the same.  “Obama can’t succeed with a Congress that filibusters everything because of who he is. Give him a mandate. Vote Democrats for Congress,” he tweeted.

So it seems Dawkins is as much of a partisan as he is an atheist. He has a distinct aversion to Republicans and is even willing to change his stanch opinion of Christians because his presidential “hero” claims to be one.

Surveys have already shown that about 63 percent of nones are voting Democrat, but do they put as much thought into Obama’s Christianity as Dawkins does? Probably not. But even if they do, it simply means they think Christians are ignorant but not nearly as evil to the modern world as Mormonism.  It still doesn’t sound like much of a compliment though.


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