Romney, failing grade from Secular Coalition

by US Daily Review

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney received an F on his scorecard from the Secular Coalition of America.

The grades, issued Oct. 16, are based on his public statements and actions on 17 specific issues. Some of these issues are: “Recognition of the United States as a secular nation,” “separation of church and state,” “protecting religious refusal laws,” “support of “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” as the National Motto.” As many would expect, he failed each of these elements, making for a very unhappy secular party.

The installment of a president with a goal for a secular United States on the forefront of his campaign is a matter of prime importance for the Secular Coalition.

“With the secular character of our nation’s government being consistently threatened, voters must be aware of the positions of their elected leaders to better inform their decision at the ballot box. In addition to secular voters, a strong majority of Americans in general want a separation between religion and government: 54% of Americans believe that churches and other houses of worship should keep out of political matters and 66% say that churches and houses of worship should not endorse candidates.”

According to the Secular Coalition, Romney has done next to nothing to find common ground with secular America. His overt faith in God, which he has referred to many times on the campaign trail, definitely set him in a less than favorable light. But, his additional public policy on marriage between a man and a woman only, and the evils of abortion have really sent him on a downward spiral in secular circles. However, the majority of voters in the United States are still religious – around 80 percent, according to a recent Pew Survey on the growth of nones. So while Romney’s bad grades may put a dent in his election votes, it may  not be enough to cost him the election.

Obama received a C from the Secular Coalition scorecard. It seems his chances with secular America are better, if only slightly. But the highest grade on the electoral ballet was Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, who received a B. Nobody gets a perfect grade from the Coalition.


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